Shenzhen Chezhidun Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in April 2001. It is the governing unit of the Shenzhen Security and Protection Industry Association, the director unit of the National Automobile Supplies Industry Federation, and a founding member of the Automobile Conversion Alliance. Car Shields focuses on GPS satellite locators and Positioning service platform research and development and production, the company passed the ISO9001 quality certification system, related products through the country's 3C certification, the relevant export products also passed the United States FCC certification and European CE certification, and according to the European environmental protection lead-free Process (RoHS) production, car shield series of products for many years was named the annual top ten safety electronic brand and China Automotive Products Federation annual automotive products industry outstanding brands and suppliers, about 50% of the products exported to the rest of the world, domestic sales Products in all provinces and major cities in China.

       The company has a strong R&D team, a complete R&D team with appearance, hardware circuits, and control software. We adhere to the product R&D concept that takes technical quality first. The R&D team and management team have years of R&D and management experience in related fields. , The company has its own Yamaha YAMAHA SMT chip assembly line, the product uses advanced SMT production technology, passed a strict quality inspection, high and low temperature test and full-function testing to ensure product stability and consistency, which created our The product boasts unique properties and features as well as a very high price/performance ratio.

       The company has multiple servers in China and Hong Kong, providing 7X24 GPS positioning services for domestic and foreign GPS users. Users can check and control vehicles through mobile phone App access, computer access, telephone, text messaging and other ways, anti-theft anti-theft, monitoring Management is easy to implement. Our main products are: personal GPS locators, GPS locators for vehicles, GPS positioning monitoring and management platforms, and mobile phone control burglar alarm systems. 50% of our products are marketed all over the world. We have long-term customers in Southeast Asia, Oceania, North America, Europe and Africa. We focus on and insist on the quality of our products. We sincerely and patiently developed our good customer relationships.

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