Ezcarsharing staff here congratulate you on the start of construction in 2019 and the rolling financial resources!

       This era needs win-win, more win-win. Thank you very much for your support for ezcarsharing in the past year.

      At the beginning of its establishment, ezcarsharing, the dominant brand in the field of intelligent vehicle networked control, insisted on independent research and development, based on high quality and high quality, to create products with unique market. Over the years, it has never changed its mind and always regarded technological research and development as the top priority. At present, many products have been listed, which has won wide attention and praise from enterprises and individual owners in the field of time-sharing travel. Several enterprises have reached strategic partnership.
       Understanding market demand with heart, perfecting product function with market trend, maximizing user's benefit, and empowering the development of automobile industry. 2019, from the heart!