This DEMO page & account are designed for client testing unattended self-service car rental control, the device is real running in our company test platform, so the action is real operation, not software virtual operation.

After ordering sample device client also can have a private demo account to test the sample car rent control.

Because the server is located in china, control the car from other country maybe not very fast, normally need 1-5 seconds, setup local server can make the control faster.

The following is how to use the demo page:

1. Use mobile phone browser to visit the website, login with account: carsharing, password: 123456.

2. After login, user should allow the website use the mobile phone current location, and there will be a real online device locate in china that can be rent (If no car display, maybe the car is rent by others, enter the Profile - Order menu, finish the order is OK) , click the car, the car rental confirm menu will pop up, click OK to rent it, after rent the car, user can control car Lock / Unlock / Finding car etc. Click the “Return Car” can finish the order, the car will be locked and the car can not be controlled any more. (the pay process will be skipped for demo reason).