•  CCTR-811
  •  CCTR-811
  •  CCTR-811
  •  CCTR-811
CCTR-811  CCTR-811  CCTR-811  CCTR-811

Product Introduction

Sim Card Gps Vehicle Tracking Device Oem CCTR-811


- Top grade extra slim AL metal case for easy hidden

- Online software GPRS air upgrade

- Auto download & configure APN & GPRS, Also can be set by SMS

- Tracker SIM card money balance SMS checking

- Cell ID locate (base station locate) without GPS

- Life time no platform Service charge (Our free tracking platform)

- Built in 4 Band GSM & u-Blox GPS module


A-GPS Function

- External GSM & GPS antenna make the signal better

- U-Blox GPS module has A-GPS function

- Device can be located by SMS or calling without server

- Report location by SMS with Google map link without server

- Report location by SMS with text description without server

- 4 level user role for dealer / distributor / fleet management / Single user

- Alarm can be send by SMS

- SMS report can be disable to save charge

- Built in rechargeable Li battery for backup & power down alarm

Easy Installation.

Anti Lost

- Built in memory to record track without GSM network

- Upload interval is 30 seconds & can be set by user sms

- Stop uploading after the tracker stop moving10 minutes or ACC turn off

- Uploading tracking is controlled by shock sensor or ACC

- report the last position when the tracker enter no GPS signal place

- Upload web or IP can be set by SMS

- Tracker status can be check by SMS

- Can Freeze car running on the platform (Remote turn off engine)

- External microphone for hearing voice in the car

- Can preset 3 phone number by SMS

Real Time.

 Small tracker

- Can send SOS or alarm information to preset phone

- SOS &r alarm information can also send to platform

- Move alarm and shock alarm can replace car alarm function

- Open GPRS protocol to client for adding protocol to platform  

- GPRS protocol can be changed to work with client platform

- Visit website can track the car or display the history tracking

- Platform support iPhone & Android App locate / WeChat locate / SMS locate

- History tracking can be saved on server over 6-12 months

- Suit for tracking car, bus, truck, taxi, rent cars, school bus, transportation vehicle, moving equipment etc

Our Packaging.

1 main unit, 1 wiring, 1 GSM Antenna, 1 GPS Antenna, 1 microphone,  1 manual (CD or Print).


Main Dimension: 82mm*60mm*13mm

Main weight: 80g

Package: Color box

Package Dimension: 160mm*130mm*60mm   Weight: 0.35kg