With the development of mobile networks move to 4G/5G, more and more countries and regions have closed or have announced the timetable for shutting down 2G GSM networks. Even if there is no timetable for closing 2G GSM networks in some country, but these mobile network companies have already indicates that the 2G GSM base station is no longer repaired when it fails, and the newly added base station no longer supports 2G and 3G networks. Therefore, even if there is no clear 2G shutdown schedule, it is a true and real fact that 2G GSM network signals are getting worse and worse, so the future gps tracker must use 3G or 4G network, we will directly skip the 3G GPS tracker to the 4G model, and our exported 3G gps tracker will be directly replaced with the 4G product, and the separate 3G model will not be manufactured very soon.

In order to get better network coverage, now our 4G gps trackers are fully compatible with 2G GSM / 3G WCDMA / 4G LTE global universal frequency band network, so that no matter which network has signals, it can be used normally. Special frequency bands can be ordered in batch order.

2G GSM Frequency Band: 900/1800MHz

3G WCDMA Frequency Band: B1/B8

3G TD-SCDMA Frequency Band: B34/B39

4G LTE-TDD Frequency Band: B38/B39/B40/B41

4G LTE-FDD Frequency Band: B1/B3/B5/B8

CCTR-804 is suit for simply vehicle gps tracking, very simply wiring installation, built-in Gensor to control vibration uploading location to server, only need to connect power and ground to work normally, also turn off car engine immobilizer output and ON signal input are available, GPS antenna and 2G/3G /4G antenna are built in the device, and built-in battery for power down & tracker removal alarm, with vibration alarm function can be used for car security & alarm, this CCTR-804 is a good choice of the basic 4G car gps tracker.

CCTR-830G-4G is the 4G OBD GPS tracker, it is not necessary to install, suitable for user DIY, just plug into OBD socket is OK, and there are two channels CAN BUS interfaces, which can monitor the car DTC code, also can read some public Information such as voltage, speed, mileage (different information read by different car model), basic GPS tracking and alarm function is the same as CCTR-804, because there is no wiring, so there is no turn off car engine immobilizer output, the same built-in backup battery for power down and device removal alarm, this model can also be redeveloped according to customer request, optional Bluetooth module and WIFI hotspot module can be added, also this device can match the special car model for CANBUS information reading and control. For details, please contact our sales.