In order to better adapt to the Android and iOS mobile system upgrading, we upgrade the Android & iOS versions of the App. The Chinese version of the Android version (Baidu Map) and the International English version (Google Map) use different maps, which need to be downloaded and installed separately. The Chinese version is only suit for china market, the other country users please use the English version, The iOS App chinese & english version can be automatically switched by system language. With the newly upgraded CC888 communication protocol, all T-Box CC-318 / 328 / 338 / 368 / 688 can be directly tested and used on the platform & new upgraded app. Lock / Unlock command can be send to the T-Box to control lock unlock door on APP, it can be used to control and test T-BOX by emergency, so it is more easy & convenient for car rent car sharing ride sharing client to test T-Box samples. The new version of the 4G GPS tracker can also display the power and external working voltage (currently only models CCTR-800G-4G and CCTR-830G-4G that have used the new CC888 communication protocol). visit can download & install new app, for the android app please uninstall the old version first, and then download & install new app, it can not be upgraded directly. The Apple iOS version will be upgraded later, it will be upgraded on the official app store. After open App, click “DEMO” menu can login with demo account, demo & testing can be done in this account. Also scan the QR code or click the link on the homepage of website can download and install the app. For other details, please contact us.


1. For Android phone please uninstall the old version first, and then download & install new app,  it can not be upgraded directly.

2. For Android phone please turn the GPStrack1 app permissions setting ”Get location information” to “Accept” , every android is different, the selection is normally in menu “Apps” - “Permissions” - “GPStrack1” - “Get location info” - “Accept / Notify / Deny ”, this selection should be switched to “Accept”, if not, the app can not display mobile current location and maybe crashed.