The T-Box car tracking / unattended car rental / self-sevice car rent control / fleet management can be test in the following method:

1. Use GPS tracking platform, visit with PC or mobile browser, GPS tracking, online OBD diagnostics, network control lock unlock can be test. There are multiple versions in Chinese and English. Please contact our client manager for username and password.

2. Use to demonstrate the simple self-service car rental unattended process, visit with PC or mobile browser, login account name: carsharing, password: 123456, customer equipment can be added to this account to test rental control, only have English version, the car rental control device is real device, the payment is skipped in the test process.

3. Use the small car rental company rental system to realize the entire process, the car rental and operation and maintenance website and APP all can be test. Follow the “CARSCOP” WeChat official account can get more information. There are Chinese and English versions, and other language versions can be customized. China mainland users can directly register and submit verification information. Foreign users please contact our client manager to get test account. This software provides customized R & D services, which can be changed and added functions based on customer requirement.

4. The client's own platform or third-party platform can be used for test. The uploaded IP and domain name in the device can be modified by SMS and network control. It can be directly changed to the IP or domain name of the third-party platform and controlled directly by the third-party platform. For the communication protocol, please contact our client manager.