With the requirement of car rent company request, we develop a few new model series T-Box device, special for the unattended self-service car rental using, all these devices can fit almost all the car rent & car sharing requirement.

The basic model is CC-328 (2G) / CC-338 (2G/3G/4G), it has basic GPS tracking & internet control, the control can be done through CAN BUS interface or wire output, also blue tooth and SMS can control the device, the 2G/3G/4G & GPS antenna are embedded, this basic model can fit normally car rent car sharing control requirement, CC-338 is upgrade CC-328 to 2G GSM / 3G WCDMA / 4G LTE model cover global network.

CC-368 add touch pad password or NFC card reader, touch pad & NFC can control car lock unlock under no communication network, it can fit some car rent company special requirement, and more input & output I/O, also built in lock unlock siren and light output relay, these can fit lower level cars that can not be controlled by OBD can bus, and more this model can drive the original push start system for remote start engine by internet, the external 2/3/4G & GPS antenna can get better signal.

CC-688 is the full function device, it has all the function of CC-338 & CC-368, also this system has push start system, this can cancel the original normal car key start, so the car key transfer in car rental is not necessary, so the CC-688 can fit all the traditional car rent company unattended self-service car rental & car sharing requirement.

CC-338 , CC-368 & CC-688 all are 2G/3G/4G global network frequency, all the device can upgrade the firmware & parameter online, please refer the following function list to select the device, all the device car control & car rent online can be test on the website, please contact our sales for more information.